Design Documents for the Young's Cabin at El Cerrito, NM

This web site presents design documentation and other information for a straw bale cabin to be built by and for George & Pat Young. 

The cabin will be located on land near Manzano, NM, on the northwest slopes of a hill called "Cerrito del Llano".  One can find it on Mapquest and on Google Earth; just search for "Cerrito del Llano".  The site is at approximately 6850 feet elevation, and about 6 miles east of the peaks of the Manzano Mountains.

El Cerrito del Llano
Click the picture for a larger image. 
Or, download this KML file with which you may open Google Earth and explore our place for yourself.
 Drawings and 3D views of the preliminary design have been developed using "TurboFLOORPLAN Home Designer" from IMSI.  The links to the right point to projects that represent versions of design as it progressed.  The latest version is first in the list.

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